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Have you tried to clean your drain without any luck? Clogged drains can be caused by a simple blockage, buildup in your pipe, or by bigger problems with your drain line.

If you have made several attempts to clean the drain with no success, it is best to call a plumbing professional. Exerting too much force when you plunge a clog can permanently damage a pipe or fixture. Also, we strongly advise against using harsh chemicals to clear a drain. These can do more harm than good and can even cause permanent damage to your pipes.
If any of the situations below describe your home, it may be a good time to consult a professional plumber to take a look at home to find out what is going on. All Vekter P.D. plumbers take the time to look at the problem with you and answer any questions you have. We help you understand all your options for repair and give you upfront pricing so you can make the best choice for your home.



Most clogs in the kitchen result from what you are putting down your garbage disposal. Properly dealing with kitchen waste keeps your pipes clear of debris and troublesome clogs. Before scheduling a service call, you may try to unclog your sink with a sink plunger to see if that will clear the problem. Safety Tip: never plunge your sink if you have poured drain cleaner down the pipes because a splash may burn you.


Slow-moving sink drains, tub drains, or other clogged drains in the bathroom are often caused by soap scum buildup or hair caught in the drain. Most of the time this is an easy fix. If you decide to tackle the clog yourself with a plunger, make sure you use the right kind. Sink plungers are flatter than toilet plungers. Often, they are red and toilet plungers are black. When you plunge, be ready to handle the overflows in the tub and sink.


Many times we have people call about a sewer gas smell coming from their shower drain. This can be a result of a dry P-trap, a mild clog, or a bigger problem with your pipes. A dry trap occurs when the basin under your shower doesn’t have enough water in it to keep the sewer smells out. Angie’s List has a great article about how dry P-traps can leak sewer smells.


Here are a few warning signs that your main drain may be clogged. When you flush your toilet, water may start gurgling up into your tub or shower drain. Another sign is that your shower drain or toilet may overflow with water when you use your washing machine. Finally, toilet water may rise or bubble up when you run your bathroom sink. These signs should not be ignored.


Plumbers used to have to make an educated guess where to repair stuck drain lines. Now, a video camera inspection is the best way to determine where you have a problem in your drain lines.

During a camera inspection, a video line is fed through your main sewer line (the large waste pipe that runs from your house to the street) or through your branch lines (from your sinks and bathtubs). As it moves down the line, a camera at the end of this line provides a real-time video feed to actually see the problem and a transmitter to pinpoint the location of a blockage.

Once the blockage is located, an accurate plan for repair can be made. This saves time, money, and eliminates the need for guesswork. Call or schedule online today to schedule a video camera inspection of your home.